Saturday, November 15, 2003

I want the few who visit to know I have no tgiven up the blog, I am living in another state and trying to sell a home and keeping a family together while making a large transition. We will hopefully have our own home again come the holidays (pray for us)......I have gotten a new job and the wife has her pick of the litter so to say. The boy is gettin galong well at the new school but it is hard living with his grandma and grandpa, mother and father all under the same roof....we get along but nothing gets a 33 year old married for 11 years down like cramming his familoy into 2 guest rooms while most of thier belongings are 10 hours away by car........
Will try to update as often as I can. I dont hav emy computer and the one I am using wont let me see sites on blogger using certain codes (must be Windows XP)



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