Saturday, October 26, 2002

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights.

I am in a union, NABET-CWA, I am also the Local President. These past 5 months I have been in negotiations with the company. I won't bore you with the issues of juristiction, wages and layoff, but I will touch on management integrity. Now for most labor people, those two words never go together. However, when you have a 4 year good working relationship with a company you are surprised when things don't go their way they try to lock you out!! Being a union leader, with several contracts under my belt I understand the tools of bargaining. But there is a time when local management should stand up to out-of-town owners and protect thier workers!!! The threat to lock me out was a threat to my family! When these bastards now say hello in the hall (now that we have a contract) I can't help but think about what would've happened to my wife and son if they had no health insurance and we lost 65% of our monthly income (no mortgage payment, car payment, power bill). So the next time they say 'Good morning' they should be grateful I gave them the cold shoulder and not the black eye they deserve!


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