Saturday, July 19, 2003

They call me the Working Man!!!!

Man alive I have been busy!!! Work, work and overtime, plus I repaired/replaced the stairs in the backyard, removed and replaced our laundry tub (the original was the original, 100lbs plus concrete tub/sink; which then popped my back), took a day off to lie in bed motionless and am back on viacadin (SP?) to easy the pain. Then the wife decides it's time to remodel the kitchen. So starting last Sunday we have removed the cabinets, painted the room, the cabinets; replaced the knobs and hinges on all doors and drawers, put in one of two new counters and laid a tile floor (which now hads to extend to the front of the house and include the foyer, an extra 90 square feet). Throw in baseball practice, the final game, the father/son game and union work and I dont think I've slept since the 4th of July!!!!!

Some random thoughts over the past week:

- I hate corporations!!!

- I hate people who are late to work when you are waiting for them so you can leave

- I love that my wife and son have taken to watching baseball even when I am not here

- I enjoyed the All-Star break

- I am glad Ken Griffey is out for the season, he is number two on my least favorite baseball players

- I hate Barry Bonds (I acknowldge that he is the best player in our generation, but he is still a prick andnumber one on my least favorite list)

I heard his little "Babe Ruth is nothing" quotes, that the Babe didn't have to face the best players in the nation just the best white players.....and that once he has passed Babe in home runs there will be no reason to talk of Babe no more. Well Barry, I think you can claim victory over Babe Ruth is you do the following:

- count the home runs you've hit off of real major leaguers, not the AA Kids teams need to call up because expansion has drained the talent pool

- count the home runs you've hit in the old ballparks not those launch pads like Colorado

- stay in the National League until you retire, do not finish your days as a DH, the Babe had to take the field every game until he left, you should too

- STOP TAKING STEROIDS, the only foreign substance that would be found in the Babe's blood was alcohol!!!!!!!

Oh and by the way, one of Babe Ruth's less popular nickname was "Nig" because he was partially black.



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