Saturday, June 14, 2003

It's Saturday again, looks like I post every Saturday.....odd. Just got back from The Matrix Reloaded. It was OK, but could have been about 20 minutes shorter, easily!!! We enjoyed it and will see Revolution in November/December, but not as good as the first. Also saw Finding Nemo this week, OK as well, Monsters, Inc. was MUCH BETTER. Guess I am hard to satisfy this week. A heavy film week for us. Aside from the theater releases we saw Tears of the SunThey, Joy Ride, Just Married and several episodes of The Family Guy. Of those, Tears was a good Bruce Willis movie, Joy Ride better horror than They, which should have used the alternate ending, and The Family Guy was/is the funniest thing on TV since the first seveal seasons of The Simpsons!!!

Clemens finally got to 300 victories and 4000 strikeouts, the Yankees need to do something if they want to win the AL East, forget the AL Championship if they continue to play like this. Toronto and Boston are going to give them a run!!!! My fantasy team is stuck in 3rd/4th. None of my guys are really performing and my core (Giambi, Jeter, Chavez) is hurting. Don't even talk pitching to me.


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