Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Well the summer is almost over. We went to the Sterling Renaissance Faire this weekend, like we have done every year since 1990. It was a great time, the boy enjoyed it more this year than in awhile, he's 10 now and starting to get more of the acts. He laughted so hard at Daniel Duke of Danger and played in the human chess match (he was a rook). Lots of good food, as always. I tried a portobello mushroom sandwich and was very impressed, I might have it again. IF you are close to it you MUST GO, we hope to continue going for years to come!!!!!

Baseball is going well, we have had 2 of our games rained out so far. This week we had a game on Saturday (rained out after 2 innings), Monday (rained out after 1 inning), today, Thursday, Friday (make up for yesterday) and Sunday (make up for Saturday). Chock full of baseball!!!! The boy is doing well, got a new bat and got a nice hit last night. Have to go to the batting cage today before the game to practice with the new bat.

I am starting ot get antsy about work, moving, life in general. It is near time to move on, start anew in a new city and get closer to family. Things are in the works, so we'll know more in a few weeks.

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