Sunday, September 14, 2003

Sunday Morning

What a nice Saturday, didn't shower until 7pm (at that point why bother?). We finished working on the dinning room, she is clean and has new curtains, we finally moved "Workbench Upstairs" back to the basebment where it belongs. We need one handle, one piece of molding and 1/2 of paint and the kitchen will be done as well. Black paint and carpet molding and ditto the foyer. The pool is aswamp and just needs to be covered!!!!!!

Today is a shopping day, hit the usual; Target, Sam's Club, Dick's and maybe Best Buy. I think we might swing by the car lot to see the Concorde I want. We will wait until after next weekend to see if I will be buying a new car here or in Indy.

I am a first time UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!! My sister had a baby boy (very Irish) and we will be visiting next weekend, I also have an interview out there so I must get my suit to the dry cleaners. The wife and I are to be those "if anything happens to me" people and the wife is the Godmother, all very cool. Sister is doing very well..........


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