Saturday, September 06, 2003

Took the wife for a drive in the PT Cruiser today. She was not as impressed as I am but we will talk about it tomorrow. Talk about high pressure, as we left they said the old if you buy it now pitch. Price last week, $12,990.....price today 11,990, price today if we didn't walk off the lot, $11,390.....WOW!!!!!

We might look around at other vehicles, but I really like these cars, but wih me that liking doesn't last very long and history will attest that within 2-3 years I will be looking anew (maybe even earlier), but them most of my past cars were at the: time to put lots of money into it or get a new to me (used) vehicle. So right now my Jimmy is at the will need at least $500 minimum in repairs and it is at 105K...............


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