Monday, February 23, 2004

Moving Day Part II Part II

As I was saying yesterday. The last time I moved out of my parents home was in 1988 and it was high time to go yesterday. Now do not get me wrong. I love my parents dearly and they were incredibly gracious to open their home to me, my wife, our son, our dog and our many (MANY) things (or shit, as I like to say). But being on my own for 16 years, being married for 11 years and raising our son for 10 years, you kind of develop a certain 'independence' and a 'lifestyle' you are used to living. Then you live with 'mom and dad' for 4 months and things clash. We all did very well, mostly. We did our thing, they did theirs we met as a family once a day for a meal, some TV, movie, visiting, etc. It was not the best of times for our stress levels.
First in November you have the 'holy sh*t' we just left 100k/year, a house, and 10 years in a community to live in my parents guest room with me making half my old money and the wife unemployed.

After that we had the usual holiday stress for December. Especially hard was our traditions vs their traditions. We gave up 'our Christmas' and celebrated theirs and this year ours will be HUGE!!!!

Then January rolled in and we thought WHEW, we sold the house, are finding a new one and winter ain't that bad here. Then POW, the boy goes in for 3 surgeries and spends 3 weeks out of the 4 of January in the hospital with tubes and IVs and black bile and blood driving us mad.

We were ready for February for more of the same but we might make it out OK. New house moved into, Wife job going well and my job is fantastic. Only stress I have right now is draft day for my fantasy baseball league.


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