Friday, June 11, 2004

I Can't Drive 55

Was talking about things I miss from New York. And one of the most major things I do miss is New York Drivers!!!! Yes, you heard me, NY drivers. These 'Hoosiers' have NO IDEA how to drive. They use the left lane as the 'slow lane'. Listen people, if you are driving the speed limit or LOWER please move over to the right. I understand those of you who must turn left will stay in the left lane for awhile but for the love of god do NOT make me pass you on the right if you are not turning left. These people drive 5mph below the speed limit in the Left Lane, even on the 3 lane highways. MOVE OVER!!!! And I know I am not the only one! Just last night I was listening to the radio when the DJ starts complaining about Indiana drivers and how they just about park in the left hand lane (he is from Illinois). Thank you, not just the cranky New Yorker thinks you people need to go back to driving school.

So next time you see me haulin ass in your rear view mirror you better move over or I will board you!!!

Avast there matey!


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