Monday, May 24, 2004

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

This starts the week to end all weeks for us here in Indy. Not only is the 500 mere days away but in TV Land this is the end of sweeps so all the big guns come out!! I have to be at the race track at 3:45am on Race Day and I am told it's going to be hot!!! End of sweeps means big push for good numbers this period. We actually made so good headway against number one and beat them at 5 and 6 several times. All good for the station but nothing trickles down to us 'button pushers'.

Another busy weekend at the homestead, put up another light fixture (dining room) and went car shopping for a new mini-SUV (like the Outlander) and played a little baseball (the boy went 1-2 1bi, 1 sb and a walk) in which we won 5-0 in our first complete 6 inning game of the season. The boy has gotten a hit in every game so far, some of them are slap singles but a hit is a hit.

Sopranos finally delivered last night and looks like it is setting up for the final season next year. Deadwood and The Shield are the only shows left with new episodes for me so it looks like we can catch up on movies we missed.

Speaking of movies we saw Troy this weekend. Pitt is the main attraction and any mythology buffs looking to see a more historical interpretation of this battle will be sorely disappointed. It is the Hollywood Troy, the NBC Mini-Series Helen was closer to the original. Hell the battle only lasted 12 days instead of 10 years. I know they take liberties in Hollywood but Troy was destroyed, babies thrown from the walls to their deaths, Helen betrays Paris and no one survives. They do NOT escape through an underground tunnel to live happily ever after. I can see why people actually got up and left during the final battle. People take the hint from this and The Alamo, happy endings are passe', be more accurate in your portrayal of history in movies.


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