Monday, September 06, 2004

Something New

In the tradition of the Friday Five:
Appetizer: If someone gave you 3 new goldfish today, what would you name them?
Mo, Larry and Curly

Soup:What's the worst movie you've seen this year so far?
The Big Bounce. Sorry Owen Wilson and Leonard Elmore, I expected more, at least funny!!!

Salad: If given the chance and you could pick the person, would you want to switch lives with someone on earth for one whole day?
Easy, my wife!!!! Let me see life from the other side of the family! She does more than I'll ever know and maybe I should find out all about it.

Main Course: What's your favorite season? Name 2 things you love about it.
Winter, snow, snow and snow, plus I love long lazy nights. In Rochester the sun would set at 4:30 and it would be pitch black by 5:00pm.

Dessert: What is something you frequently buy that you don't really need?
Books. I have tons of books, boxes full and what I really need is to visit the library more often. I am a reader and can go through several books a month. Since moving to the new house with 2 incredible libraries available to me I no longer hit Barnes & Noble as I used to. Too bad for them but better on my wallet and bookcases.


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