Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What the...?

For some reason my page is out of idea why sorry folks...

Oh and Cheney is no Arnold on the soap-box. Sorry.

Yankees lose 22-0 yesterday, I am shamed and depressed and insanely grumpy at work today!!!

I need to join the YMCA which is down the block from my house.

I followed the Fonz and got me a library card for our new library...AAAAAAAyyyyy!!!!!

2 more days till the weekend and we have the boy's 1st Football game, my nephews 1st birthday and the boy's first school invite to a party, all on Saturday and all at 1pm......of all the luck.

This jumbled, rambling brought to you by "Time-Killer", as in 10 minutes till Rescue Me and I was playing on the dashboard to fix the blog and hit Posting/Create.......


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