Friday, October 29, 2004

Time Out!!!

OK, the World Series is over and you won't have to dive through any more baseball posts for awhile.

Let's see, I separated a joint in my lower back, the hip from the pelvic bone to be specific. My right leg was actually a 1/2 inch longer than my left and I was in a lot of pain. Doc is taking care of me now, 3 visits in 3 days and ice every hour for 15 minutes. It is also pinching the syatic (sp?) nerve so that my right leg goes numb! Good thing is it is getting better, bad thing is no work since Tuesday, which would be awesome (I haven't had a vacation in over a year) if not for the fact that I am confined to the house and can't stay in one position for too long with numbness, soreness and the inability to stand up.

Halloween is almost here!! We are looking forward to it for several reasons. In New York we lived on a busy intersection and there were no sidewalks on our side of the street. Every year our neighbors to the left, behind and us would go Trick or Treat with our kids in the development behind us. It was always a good time!!! It was usually the last time we would all see each other until Spring, unless it was a wave and shout hello over the snow drifts while shovelling out the driveway. Anyway, aside from our little group we would get less than 3 trick or treaters per year. Our last year in New York we had ONE. So here we are in our new home with a development of 42 homes with 63 kids and we are attached to another development with 175 homes built so far and I don't know how many kids and we laughed the other day after going shopping and realizing that we bought ONE bag of Hershey Mini's Assorted for the Trick or Treaters, sounds like a good way to get the house egged!

This year is also the BIG Halloween Year in that we told the boy he could Trick or Treat with his friends and not Mom and Dad. Should be a good time for him, our little development is all enclosed and you have to pass our house to get in or out. He's growing up to be a responsible young man and will be fine. Just have to check the little bastard for eggs, toilet paper and shaving creme, my Dad would have!!!!!


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