Sunday, November 28, 2004

Let the Season Begin!

For me Christmas does not start until the very end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when Santa stops in front of the store and the Thanksgiving Parade is over and the Christmas Season is upon us. I remember going to the parade as a child with my father and grandfather (one of the perks of growing up in NYC), I also remember the tree in Rockefeller Center, if ever in New York it is a must see as is FAO Schwartz this time of year. There was never anything like New York City during the holidays.

Managed to avoid the malls this weekend, the wife hit a few stores on the way to work on Friday but I managed to steer clear. Nothing really caught my eye in the papers on Thursday and I was not running with those crowds at 5 a.m.

TV Log:

Extreme Dodgeball 2
Extreme Home Makeovers
Desperate Housewives

One show I have recorded a marathon of and am now watching daily is Ghost Hunters on SciFi. A very interesting show. Guys (and girls) set up shop in a place a suspected paranormal activity and try to prove/disprove a hunting. So far so good. Got a couple of goosebumps watching one night and saw the over active imagination of some home owners the next. Very well done and very believable. Do I believe, Hell Yes!! I firmly believe in the existence of the supernatural! I believe in God, and you can not believe in Him and not believe in Satan, I believe in life after death and the soul, I believe good souls go to heaven and the not so good go to hell and I believe that sometimes your soul is lost and wanders for awhile until it arrives were it needs to be. Sometimes you go back to things that are familiar and comforting, or just to go back and stir the shit. Either way it is entirely possible for ghosts and spirits to exists. That and the undead, but that is another post.

Activity has increased on the site and I see some Oswego people are visiting, I actually have a few good college stories I have been saving that I will now share. Please look around and as always drop a comment or two, thanks for stopping by!


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