Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Robot

It seems the technology dreamed up by SciFi writers of the early 30's,40's and 50's have mostly come to pass. Microwave ovens, men on the Moon, commercial airlines, pocket PCs, Satellites for TV, radio and communications, robotics, medical advances and cell phones. I write because I sometimes go into my way back machine and dig out some old stories to read (even further back in Wells, Verne, etal) and most of the stuff they dreamt of seems mundane today, commonplace even but to them it was fantastic!!!! It was a trip of wonderment for them, utopias, world peace, man freed from the common to chase dreams and follow one's heart. Today's writers and filmmakers have run out of the fantastic. It seems the future has arrived and now the fantastic looks like your backyard but with a robot to pick up the dog poo or moving sidewalks and they throw in a flying car. Where's that wonderment, the fantastic, the yearning for a future better than our present.

Why today's post? Well I got me that cell phone (the whole family got one) and the technology that goes into these things is awesome. Text messaging, picture phone, the Star Trek flip, instant connection to loved ones, friends, the stock market and eateries. All in the palm of my hand. Different sounds for different calls and a function that "IDs" the caller so you know if to answer it or not!! Stuff only dreamed of by Asimov, Wells, Dick, Heinlein, The Jetsons now available to everyone. A new dawn comes and with it the future...let's make it a better one.


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