Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Indy 500

We spent the entire weekend at the 500. Saturday was the Indy 500 Parade. We sat in the Grandstand in front of the start point (benefits of working the race) and were done and to the car before the parade reached it's end point. Fun time and great weather.

Sunday started for me at 3:00am and I was at the Speedway by 4:00am to do 6 hours of live TV. When the show was over I raced (no pun intended) to meet the wife and boy to bring them back to the track. We arrived just in time to see Reggie Miller wave the Green Flag, we then spent the entire race enjoying it from several different views. We sat behind the pits for 100 laps, wandered the infield for awhile and then settled on Turn 1, next to the exit of the pits and in front of the JumboTron for the finish. For those of you who do not know how big the Speedway is here is a hint, the track itself is a 2.5 mile oval and besides the track facilities, garages, hospital, museum, offices, media center, Executive suites, Grandstand, parking spots, helioport, access roads there is also a golf coarse inside the track, it is several square miles on the inside not including the outer ring of stands and parking. When seeing a race the cars zoom past at 200+ mph and are gone in a flash, then silence, then a low grumble, then the echo, then the chest starts to rattle then...zoom...zoom....zoom....33 cars go flying past!!!!!! Very exciting and what a great day for it.

It took 2 hours after the race to get back to my station (usually a 15 minute drive with traffic and lights) and I finally got home around 6:00pm after leaving at 3:30am....needless to say I was out like a light before the garage door closed.

I got some pics below, so enjoy!!!!


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