Thursday, May 26, 2005

And The Band Played On.....

I was going to write about the Lost season finale last night (awesome) but then something hit me as I started to write it. I was becoming all that I hate about the media today, blindly prattering along about celebrity couples, latest fashions and hot TV shows. Do not get me wrong, I love TV and have several favorite shows on air right now that I do not miss but there is a lot more going on outside my neighborhood that will eventually affect me and mine if it has not already and we can no longer ignore it, like the media does.

I enjoy The Today Show and sometimes visit the other morning shows but find it lacking in real news. Anne does her little 2 minute segment on top stories then back to Matt and Katie, which is a good format and works for them but nothing of real significance is discussed. Recent hard hitting stories from national to local:
Runaway Bride, Paris Hilton Sex/Burger Commercial, The Local Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives), Too Much Sun Is Bad, Not Enough Sun Is Bad, Tom and Katie, Brad and Angelina, Country Star and Squinty Actress Secret Wedding, Who Won American Idol, Jackson Trail, Blake Still Crazy. What is wrong with people that some of this shit actually matters!!!!!!

Has anyone noticed we are still paying almost $2.00/gallon for gas?

That the population of illegal immigrants in the US is topping 20 MILLION?

That is took 4 YEARS for the Democrats to allow this female judge appointment?

That local schools and government are turning our kids into non-competitive, under achieving masses.

That, while I am no prude, the sex, drugs and Rock and Roll cry is being shouted by 4th graders and that although I feel it the parents DUTY to control what a child watches and listens to there are less and less "good and clean" options out there to choose from.

That government and lawyers are destroying the core values that this country was built on and that our Founding Fathers' insistence of Personal Freedoms may actually cause the downfall of this great country as radical and liberal and in the name of civil rights twists our Constitution until everyone is just plain old vanilla!!! No one can stand out, stupid whores are glorified in TV shows and commercials and real role models for young girls cannot get the spotlight unless they fuck someone on camera or wear tight jeans; scores are not kept, everyone is a winner; Private Clubs cannot decide who they want to associate with; qualified men and women are passed over due to hiring quotas, and qualified people are passed over for government positions because they hired an illegal alien to mow their lawn, an illegal this same government, while not giving this one individual the job, will not deport; children are starving in my backyard but millions of my tax dollars go overseas so some despot can have a harem of virgins and his people can still starve; and that millions of dollars are sent to treat AIDS in Africa (how about just stop fucking each other) while the generation that gave their best for our country cannot afford the medicines needed to make their Glory Days pain free and healthy; and that hundreds of my fellow Americans must die cause no one has the balls to use air power and bomb the shit out of these terrorists and their supporters back to the stone age (not a far trip) and tons of legislation on a local and national level is held up because our "representatives" forget it is WE THE PEOPLE that put them there not WE THE LOBBYISTS; and that finally until we stand up and say NO MORE our government and the powers that be will treat us like the bitches we are for taking this crap for so long with no consequence to them!

And from the darkness in their lifeboats, the survivors of Titanic heard the notes of the band still playing as the great shit slipped under for the last time and disappeared from the surface.......


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

I've been trying to say this for quite a while and it never comes out as eloquently as you just said it.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Run for President and I'll vote for you cuz you think A LOT like I do!


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