Thursday, October 13, 2005

Late Night

After yesterday's post of getting involved, I had a Troop Committee meeting last night. I went straight from work to the meeting then got home at 10:45 and had dinner. Reminded me of my union days when I would be out of the house from 4am till after 11pm then up at 4am again the next day. But those are the sacrifices we make...

Saw the new Ipod yesterday and now I am in love. Could I fill a 30 gig Ipod with music, probably not but I want like hell to give it a try. I have been dumping my music into Itunes in prep for the inevitable. I am thru the Rush official collection and a handfull of concerts and single artist albums and I am up to 4 gig. I still have tons of boots, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Van Halen, etc to go. Also I will be hitting the library for some greatest hits collections of some old artists....should be fun.

Thank God it is to work!!!


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

Guess you have been hit by SPAM now also. There is no way I could fill a 30 gig whachamacallit with music. No way. I have a hard time filing what I have on my MP3 player.


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