Thursday, October 20, 2005

Survivor Night

Tonight is Survivor Night in my family. We go over to my parents, have dinner and all watch Survivor together. We have been doing this since we moved out here and enjoy it very much. Tonight is also the boys concert, it snuck up on me. I, as always, was kept out of the loop and was surprised when told we needed to buy him new shoes last night for the concert. What concert I asked, his band concert tomorrow, we've been talking about it all week...but not to me.

Anyway I am excited to be going tonight and we should all have fun, just nobody tell me what happens on Survivor or I might have to kill you.


I need some new reads so please help. I have a handful I hit everyday (sometimes twice) and then a bunch I go to once in a while and then a few on the side there I have not visited in a while and will someday get rid of (I'm looking at you Wheaton) if you have a good read you do not see on my Blog Roll let me know...or if you visit here and do not see yourself over there let me know. Thanks


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