Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Why are we here?
Because we're here
Roll the bones

Why does it happen?
Because it happens
Roll the bones

I try to write and nothing comes out!!!! Why do I write this, does anyone read it? Does anyone care? Does it really matter? I write it for me, maybe someone will visit and leave a comment or two, maybe someone will read and change their view on something, or maybe someone will read it and think, 'This guy needs to be committed!!' Here comes winter, I hate the cold and dark but love the snow. Here in Rochester we get 120 inches per year (or a shitload)!!!!! The overcast skies reflect my mood sometimes. Other times a nice fall day is actually relaxing. Nothing is better than waking up on a Saturday morning at 9am with it still being dark outside (I wake at 4am, so 9am is sleeping in for me). Mind races, thoughts fly, some chrystalize (sp?), solidify, others are fleeting...can I ever grab them??!?!?!?!?


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