Friday, December 06, 2002

Ah, politics, or in this case, corporate b***s***. My wife's boss got a bump upstairs, and my wife got a bump 'down the hall'....and she worked her butt off since April to show them she could do the job.....more responsibility, more travel, more policy making, more money (15% raise). And she did it!!!!! She did the job better than guys on it for years (5 years to be exact), she got the notice of the Section VP in Dallas and got a nice performance bonus after 4 months on the job. However, her bumped boss fell out of favor and was pushed into limbo for the past 3 months and his promotion was given to someone else. Now my wifes new boss loves her and the job she does but toady he told her that effective December 30th she will be returning to her old position because her old boss is being bumped back down and nobody is wife, her old boss for having to go back to his old post and my wife's temporary new boss for losing my wife because the old guy couldn't hack it......

Now my wife has to go back to a job she has outgrown, and work for a guy that is stuck at his post and isn't half the worker my wife is (according to the big bosses). But politics and bs run corporate america, so now we are crossing our fingers that my Washington DC job or Indiana job work out.....she can get a transfer to either region in a heartbeat.............

Exercise Update: 35 minutes!!!!!!


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