Friday, February 28, 2003

So much happening in the world today....

R.I.P. Mr Rogers. He was a big part of my life and happy he survived all those years on television without changing his show to the demand of network executives and 'consultants' so that my son was able to enjoy and learn from the same wonderful man. I grieve for the future generations that won't be able to experience him.

Funny, Funny stuff from Dave Barry's blog!!!!

Went through a scare yesterday. Had a terrible (yes worse than child birth although my wife disagrees) pain in my side that work me up at 3am. Thought it was sleeping in a bad position, then puked 3 times. On the way to work (at 4:30am) I was doulbed over and couldn't drive. I went to Emergency Room instead of work and checked in. After several hours of pain, tests and waiting I find out it's multiple gall stones and the Gall Bladder has to be removed!!!!!! Now I am on Vicadin awaiting my surgical consult on Tuesday and surgery later in the week (I hope). I was in the ER from 4:30am till 1:30pm. It was nothing but a great experience (considering the circumstances), the entire staff was polite and informative. They made sure I was confortable and gave me privacy. At one point the only confortable position for me was kneeling on the floor, a cleaning lady pass-by by (around 5:55am) and asked if I was OK and needed to see a nurse. I told her I was fine and thanked her for the concern, she said she thought I was praying but just wanted to make sure.

Now I am home and loopy on drugs, watched The Ring (and freaked out) and slept for 18 hours straight, Wo-Who!!!!!!!!!!


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