Monday, February 03, 2003

I was off all day!!!!! I wish I had a "do-over"!!! It was nothing specific, no one event, person, attitude, just a general feeling of blah. Thank God I am home now, hit the 'puter, ride the bike, enjoy the son and wife and maybe watch a little TV.

Still waiting for the call from PBS in Indianapolis. They e-mailed and said they were interested in talking to me and when was a good time to call. Well I told them and am still waiting, I know they will call me I just freak out on stuff I am really looking forward to .........I drive my wife nuts that way.......

1. PBS has an openning

2. I send my resume

3. I give a follow up call and say being out of state I can be there whenever they need me for an interview

4. They return the call and say they have passed all the info along and good luck

5. They then e-mail and say they are interested in speaking to me and when would be a good time to call

6. I e-mail them with my number and availability

Now with that interest I KNOW they are going to call and with my experience there is a good chance of me landing the job. But I always lack patience with these things (man you should hav eseen me when we bought our house!!!!!!) Yet things always have a way of working out!!

Have had time to digest this weekend's tragedy. It's weird how little things strike I am looking at all this debris; tiles, metal, tubes, then a charred helmet and finally a patch from a uniform. Now how the hell does a patch from a uniform make it, yet no piece larger than 5 feet is found?!?!?!?!?!?? I just hope that we will be back in space ASAP and remember those who gave their lives to better ours.


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