Monday, January 20, 2003

Monday, bleechhh...................

On vacation this week and hope to get some stuff done. Weekend nice and quite, home life going smoothly. Haven't heard from Washington or Indy, I give them till the end of the week and then drop aline.

Snow, snow and more snow, temps were in the single digits all week, with wind chills in the negative numbers!!!

In the year of 'Leaving Work at Work", things are doing well. I take off that 'coat' of frustration at 2pm when I leave and am happoer for it at home. My wife asked why I was laughing so much the other day when we were all just goofing off....just happy I guess. It's funny how when you work at a place you like and do a job you love you get so involved and want to help to make everything just right. Then you come to a realization that no matter what you say, do , or suggest, in the end you are just a number and the company will do whatever it wants to do. So the way I see it, I give them 40 hours of work for money. If needed and able I can work more than that for more money. If I am unable to do so, I will not disrupt my family life to work extra hours (there are 30 other people to choose from). If they want me to jump on one leg and rub my belly while pushing my button then so be it. It is management's perogitive to mis-manage!!!! IN the end I will be happier for it and still sane after work......


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