Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Wednesday, did little so far on vacation. House is so clean it's sick. Gonna clean and 'minimalize' the Family Room today. Boy does it need it!

Some viewing notes from the past few days:

American Idol: Didn't watch last season and only watching this year because the wife and boy like it (I can't stand today's music). I found it very funny, for most of these people are HORRIBLE and then get pissed when they are told that!!!!!! God Bless America!!!!

The Shield: If there is a better show on TV right now, I never heard of it!!!!!! The writing, acting, directing, it's got it all!!!! Don't let the nay-sayers gripe about the language and graphic violence. My favorite show is of course The Soprano's, but to tell you the truth, this third season had little violence, nudity or language and I still watched EVERY Sunday!!!! Check out the Shield and se ewhat you are missing!!!!!!

NYPD Blue: Re-vitalized!!!!!!!! All I can say is thank God, little Ricky left!!! While I did like him, the character wasn't going anywhere and the currnet cast is really pulling it together!!!!!

That's all for today, must clean and catch up on 2 ER's.........


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