Thursday, August 14, 2003

Man for some reason I am bumming today. Everything and everyone is annoying me. Sorry just in a mood. Went car shopping yesterday and test drove the PT Cruiser, LOVED IT!!!!! But we might have to look into leasing as it would be the second car and I am not spending $360/month for a commuter car. It is fun to drive and I would like to get one, the wife likes to have a SUV in the family, right now I drive a Jimmy but it likes the gas and just hit 100k. We'll see what happens.

Cross your fingers on the job front, sent in two resumes and working on a 3rd one this week.

I have decided not to run for President of the local broadcast union. I've spent the last 4 years busting my ass for it (and several years before that as Vice President and a Shop Steward) and it is time to step aside. I envisioned myself as running for as long as they wanted me but the past year of negotiations, arbitrations and deceit from my Executive Board put the cap on it for me. I can stand many things but not lying. It was a good run, I feel I did some good things and made a lot a relationships I wouldn't have had available to me without the union. Plus I went to Anaheim and Las Vegas. I am sure to keep in touch with many of the local officers from around our region (New England, NY and Pennsylvania) as well as the staff in Washington, DC. I will enjoy 'retirement'


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