Monday, September 15, 2003


OK I am going to try to blog everyday this week (at least until Thursday). Today was typical Monday stuff. Got to work at 5am to find the usual guy had called in sick (we have an extra person on Monday), this would be the 2nd Monday in a row and the countless Monday this year. If I were to guess (we have unlimited sick days) I would say 10 Mondays this year minimum, not including other days he called in sick and he is our shift supervisor.

Busy, busy again. Paid some bills, have to get suit to dry cleaners, pay mortgage, clean pool, mail resume tape out and get to football practice (5:30-7:30).....No wonder I am tired everyday.

Watched Carnivale last night on HBO. Very interesting, let us see where it takes us, very David Lynchish, I look forward to it. Another of my favs this summer, Dead Like Me was picked up for a 2nd season!!!!!! Very happy about that! I am of the opinion that TV should program new stuff year round, and am very happy some networks are putting quality shows out in the summer. Some of our summer viewing: The Amazing Race, Dead Like Me, Sex In The City and The Dead Zone. I also like networks that re-air a season IN ORDER, like Gilmore Girls (I think I might watch it with the wife this year! With the season ready to open (Survivor this week), I am sure to bring reports thoughout the season.


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