Monday, August 18, 2003

Today is the first day of my vacation. Tons of work to do, finish the kitchen, clean the pool, work on some landscaping, 3 baseball games and mayber a trip to Toronto. We'll see how things progress.

I am usually quiet on political fights, especially one's that do not involve me or mine. However, while watching the California recall I came upon this:

voters won't like Schwarzenegger's support for Proposition 187, an initiative passed in 1994 to cut social services, including education and welfare benefits, to illegal immigrants and their children.

I had to be sure I read that correctly, education and welfare benefits to illegal immigrants and their children, OK maybe I did. He's a helpful hint, when these illegals show up to collect on thier benefits, arrest and deport them. They are here in our country ILLEGALLY!!!! Return to sender and make them go through proper channels. I have a friend from Sweden. She went to school here in the states and then got a work visa to work in the states for a year. She then wanted to stay in America, she had a good job in TV, met a nice guy and was doing very well for herself. She tried for months to get an extension but she had to return to Sweden for a year before she could come back to America. In the end she married that guy (who went to Sweden with her for that year) and now lives in NYC. Why is it that she had to jump through all those hoops, was a productive member of socity, paid her own way and still had to leave, while these other people sneak across our borders, pay no taxes, live here "illegally" and receive government benefits to boot. It makes me sick.


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