Saturday, December 20, 2003

It's Christmas time and all I want is for someone to buy our house. I t has been a very LONG 2 months, we (myself, my wife, the boy, the dog) need our own home again. We are very grateful for my family's generousity but we need our own family home again. We hope and pray something will happen, but it will not be soon enough for our tastes.

Life is good, could be better, need to exercise more. Wife enjoying challenge of new job and boy loves new school.

Saw Return of the King last night and boy was it worth it. Mr. Lucas please watch ASAP and do not pull a MATRIX on Star Wars III.

All I want for Christmas is LOTR:TTT DVD:SE and LOTR:War Of the Ring for PC......all else is not needed, oh and gloves :-)

Will return with my weekly comic listings in the new new place is OK, not Comic Book Heaven where i Went for 8 years but still nice enough and the guys know my face if not my name.

Time to get back to work, will be doing the new project on December 31st. That is if my brother remembers to return my camera........


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