Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Of Seat Belts and Taxes

Here in Indiana you do not have to wear a seat belt in trucks. Now there is a loop hole that classifies some SUV's, Station Wagons, even Mini Vans as trucks and you do not have to wear a seat belt in them. There is a huge movement to add trucks to the Seat Belt Click It or Ticket law. And today we showed a gentleman whose daughter was killed in a single car accident in which her truck flipped and she was pinned underneath and died cause she did not wear a seatbelt. I felt very bad for this man and was saddened by his story.

But what difference does it make if the seat belt is the law in trucks. Honestly if your child is taught to buckle up when driving a VEHICLE when he/she is 16 then hopefully they will buckle up every time they get in a VEHICLE. I felt sorry for this man, I truly did, but do not blame the fact that your daughter did not buckle up on the fact that you have the OPTION of not wearing a seat belt in trucks here in Indy. Why should my tax dollars go towards making sure IDIOTS buckle up while driving their Pick Ups???? If cheeseburgers weren't so tasty I wouldn't be fat, if I didn't like living outside my means I wouldn't be in debt, if alcohol didn't take way my pain I wouldn't be an alcoholic, if my aunt had balls she's be my uncle. Sorry people, seat belts SAVE LIVES, if you don't know that by now you never made it out of the 4th grade and let's just consider it a weeding of the gene pool. Those who are smart wear seat belts, those who don't are either stupid or forgetful and in the case of the latter, accidents happen and I am sorry for your loss. Let's take the money instead and feed another worthy program like: fixing the roads ALL VEHICLES drive on and make them safer!!!!

First on the adjenda of the Common Sense Party: no laws reiterating plain common sense, they are wasteful and usually tied with some stupid pork project. If you are too dumb to realize what over 99% of the population does, then please do not breed!

PS Brent (or some other police officer) when you read could you please comment if you have statistics or police reasoning. Thanks.


At 10:38 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I'd never heard of a law that allows this. It is INSANE!! Every vehicle in Iowa, except those built before seatbelts were required, falls under the seatbelt law.


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