Monday, February 07, 2005

Superbowl Commercials 2005

Below is a link to every Super Bowl Commercial by quarter. It is awesome. The game was pretty good (not a big fan of anything that comes out of Boston/New England) but over all very well played. Half time show was OK, didn't look like any lipsyncing and I was glad of no stunt casting, Paul singing and his band playing, no Brittany to help out Hey Jude, no Lenny hitting the guitar on Live and Let Die and no PDiddy coming out of the stage and hitting his own lyrics to Drive My Car. I may not have really liked the selection of performer (never a huge Beatles fan) but I enjoyed the relatively hype-less show.

Now more importantly the commercials:

Best Holy Shit I Have Got To See That Movie: War of the Worlds

Best Celebrity: Burt Reynolds

Best Commercial: Tie to the same company: Man on Cell phone in You are being robbed and Surprise Dinner with the cat and pasta sauce.

Judge for yourself:
AOL Sports: Superbowl Commercials 2005

OK that being said and done, some random weekend thoughts and issues:

1. American Dad, by the makers of Family Guy (one of my favs) was OK, trying too much to be Family Guy and knowing how long it takes to do animation shows I am sure this was well into production when the powers that be decided to bring back Family Guy, shelve it Fox and let Family Guy get a good run before making it an hour long series......

2. The wife returns this evening, and I can not wait. Enjoyed some guy time with the boy but being single just ain't right........

3. Dirty War. HBO movie from BBC, terrorists exploded a dirty bomb in downtown London. Would have been boring if not right on the nose. In the end one of the terrorist is told the only thing they accomplished is that England would retaliate. What the terrorist says is so true it is scary: "We expect retaliation and what will unite us and make us stronger will divide you and make you weaker." No truer words have I heard.


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