Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New Party

We need a new political party, the current ones have lost touch with America and seem to hear only their own voices which are sounding more alike as time goes by. I am not sure what to call the party but I have two ideas: The Replacement Party or The Common Sense Party. Either way they will get the same result. It is time for our representatives in Local, State and Federal Government to remember that they are there to represent US, not special interest groups, not radical organizations, but the people who voted and put them there. It is time for the people to step up and say THIS is what we want and THIS is what you will do and if you do not then we will replace you. If more people were tuned in to what was going on on Capitol Hill then they were tuning into the O.C. then changes would be flying around like popcorn at a Pauly Shore movie. There needs to be a web site that keeps track of votes and voters and bills and legislation and how our person voted. There needs to be an organization that educates the public and makes them aware of the issues and finds out how the community feels about those issues and then reports back to the representatives and tells them how the COMMUNITY wants them to vote. Basic rule is simple majority, not all legislation affects all people and not all legislation is agreeable to all people but it is time for the few loudmouths with time and money to stop dictating to OUR government. Why is Gay Marriage an issue when less than 3% of our population is gay and millions enter our country illegally and get on welfare and fee healthcare not addressed. Why is abortion an issue when thousands of American children are starving daily, why is Janet Jackson's boob an issue when our youth are killing themselves with guns and drugs, why, why, why. These people better wake up and address the real issues facing crisis in this great nation before there is no nation to govern.


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