Tuesday, February 08, 2005

On Blogging

Found a disturbing note today in my morning surfing, Brent from Cop Talk has closed up shop. That is a shame as I was a regular reader and he had a nice range of family, business (police work), politics and random issues on any given day. I hope everything is OK there as he took the site down to retool and maybe even change the name and then today pow!!!!!! I have heard/read horror stories of bloggers being found out at work or home and facing some serious consequences. Good luck to him and his family and I hope we will see him again soon in some form or another.

Reading Brent's goodbye brought me to why I do this, and I think the reason is...just because. I go days without posting or post several times a day, I want readers but not too many and I can write whatever is in my head in any way I want to present it. I have some very strong views about life, some are not popular but I have them anyway. I am also very quiet at work/home. Do not get me wrong if you met me I am a loud mouth with a quick joke or disturbing observation but never on anything important. I believe I am that way because I feel that most people are thin skinned and that I have seen co-workers go at it on a political/society issue and it never ends well. Then everyone else is walking on egg shells around these two people while they sort their shit out. Not a very good working environment. Hell that already happened here at my new job recently when I made a statement and this girl didn't talk to me for 2 weeks. I need to go to work, do my job and come home after 8 hours, in there I either have to be left alone, hold idle conversations or goof off. And I have to laugh at least once a day. I don't need charged discussions, political labels and hard feelings in the workplace.

A Look Back:
OK, I just put the boy on the bus (2 hours delay due to fog) and cleaned the house, so I reread the above. People who knew me in New York will probably laugh and say I am full of shit as I was an opinionated bastard at work since day one. I was and I think I had to be, as a union officer I had to make sure my views on issues were known and I did not stop at union issues either. When I got here to Indy two things happened: there was no union at the workplace and I had a nice clean slate to work with. So now when I want to explode I use Resist....instead of my co-workers. So that is 'just because', maybe someday I will write a bit better, more cohesive and with better insight on man and society, maybe someday I will take the next step to short stories, or the great American Novel, or maybe I will just ramble on in the little corner of cyber space and you will come along, read, drop a comment and move along. In the end, thanks for stopping by and enjoy........


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