Friday, May 13, 2005

Live from LA It's Dead Criminals

I left a comment over at Brent's about yesterday's live shooting, here it is:

As a member of the media I sometimes hate myself, however, this man got what he deserved, pull a gun on an officer and see what happens. As for showing it on the TV, I am glad of that too. Hopefully the TV Police, ie PARENTS made sure that their children were not watching, or maybe it is a good thing they were watching, this is what happens to bad people who run from police and use guns...These officers are heroes and that criminal scum....But in a society that doesn't keep score at ballgames and changes grading systems so kids aren't traumatized by receiving an "F", it is about time they are introduced to the real world!

I am going to use a word I have seen and heard many times lately and that is "pussification". This is what is happening to America and especially our children. It starts in the grade schools when Athletic Leagues stop keeping score at ball games. We were in many leagues when I was a kid, baseball, swimming, soccer, basketball and we always kept score, for as in life their are winners and losers, period. I understand that they want to teach children about the sport but are afraid of the 'stigma' of being branded losers. Well that brand is a good motivator. One tries to improve their play, work on things outside the field and work together as a team and tries to BETTER THEMSELVES to win the next game. Now the state of Florida is changing the way grades are noted. Some places have added an "E" so the student is not stuck with an "F", bullshit. Too many rules and regulations so children do not have to face real life. What will happen is these kid will grow up and get to college (if they keep up that "E" average) and then get kicked in the balls when the real world comes crashing down on them.

So this station airs this car chase (as they are wont to do out west) and catch this ass getting shot as HE PULLS A WEAPON ON POLICE OFFICERS. What should have happened was a close up on this piece of crap as he bleeds out, then an interview with the cops that shot him.....

Reporter: "Nice shot at the end there, what was going through your head at the time."

Officer: "Well we had been chasing him for sometime, he had already put several lives in danger, crashed into several cars, we are awaiting the condition on several victims. I thought we had him when he accidentally dropped his gun and he was pretty much surrounded. He was warned several times to stay down and keep his hands in the air then he went for his 2nd piece and I thought, I am going home to my wife and kids tonight and I am not attending another Police Officer's funeral for this piece of shit and I took him down."

Reporter: "Uhm thanks, up next millionaire drug dealers and their pimped out rides and Jane has an expose' on Jail Overcrowding and why sexual predators are being allowed back on the streets to prey on your innocent children."

Maybe if we did not go around looking at life with blinders on this world would be a better place!

Maybe if we had our priorities straight this world would be a better place.

Maybe if we had better morals and the strength to speak up and speak out this world would be a better place.

And maybe if we took this great country back from the lawyers, the ACLU and fanatics, our world would be a better place.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Brent said...

BRAVO!!! I shared this post with quite a few of my fellow officers!!


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