Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Favorites (Several)

What is your favorite topping on...
1. ...Ice cream?

Whipped Cream, rainbow sprinkles and always a cherry

2. ... Pizza?

We just discussed this at work, mushrooms and onions with pineapple on the side. Things that should never be on a pizza: Ham or Chicken

3. ...Steak (A1, mushrooms, nothing)?

Grilled mushrooms and onions.

4. ...Salad (Dressing, bacon bits, etc.)?

Blue Cheese dressing or Italian dressing with blue cheese crumbles

5. ...Yourself (Hat, T-shirt, etc.)?
I have a comfortable Yankees cap that fits just right.

What is your favorite...
1. ...Soft drink?
Tie, Vanilla Coke or Stewart's Grape Soda or IBC RootBeer

2. ...Hot beverage?
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream on top

3. ...Comfort drink?
When sick room temp, flat Canada Dry Ginger Ale

4. ...Mixed drink?
Jack Daniels and Coke

5. ...Drink to combat a hot, steamy, sticky, miserable August afternoon? Ice Cold Iced Tea (Liptons powder not bagged or sun tea, sugar, sugar, sugar)


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