Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I know, my favorite subject. Seems a man here in the Indy area is
being deported today back to his home country in Africa (Nigeria, I
think). The thing is he has lived here in America for more than half
his life. He came to America for an education and has received 3
Masters and owns his own business. He is married with children and
GRANDCHILDREN. He came here over 30 years ago and has made a
fantastic life for him and his family. Problem is he forged his visa
papers years ago and has been living here illegal since then. He has
been Ordered to Surrender twice before in the early 90's and has
appealed each time. And each appeal was denied and he was ordered to
surrender to the court for deportation the last time in 1999. This
past weekend on the way to his grandson's little league game he was
pulled over for a traffic violation and then hauled away in cuffs and
is now in Missouri awaiting deportation. His family was on TV, crying
that this was not right and that he is more American than Nigerian and
has spent 3/4 of his life as an American and his entire family is here
in America and are all American (his wife is an American citizen).

While I do feel sorry for this fellow and his family, we do have rules
here in America and the man had 30 years to become an American citizen
and has known for 5 years he was living here on borrowed time when his
last appeal was denied. He needs to step up and take it like a man
and try to return and stay here LEGALLY. The only trouble I have with
this story is that I drive by 2 work corners everyday to my job. A
work corner is were illegals sit on a corner and wait for trucks to
come by and they jump in the truck and the drivers take them to farms
or warehouses to work for pennies an hour. So I see these same
illegals everyday taking jobs and money away from Americans and never
once do I see INS or the police picking these men up but an
established business man is picked up and shipped out within a week.
While I believe all of them should be shipped off it is a shame that
the American family will have to suffer the loss of dad/grandpa for
the next months/years while they try to do things right and that the
illegal's family is right down the street waiting for their father to
bring home $20 a day and then go on welfare and drain away my tax


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Brent said...

We have a case just like that here. A German man, who apparently was a Nazi soldier, has lived here for about 40 years and now they are trying to deport him. It makes no sense to me, as he is very old. How about the new illegal aliens we catch everyday?


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