Monday, November 07, 2005

Family Time

Well the weekend is over and boy are my arms tired...

It was the niece's first birthday and we had a ball. It was a nice small event with family and a few friends, all in all a good time. The weekend turned out alright. We spent tons of time with the family and was able to clean the house and get the boy's closet and room done (a major chore!!). All that remains now is my office and garage...both my responsibility :-(

When the party was over and the food gone we were sitting around talking about the past, things we done, stuff our kids are now picking up form us, when the parents told this story of me at 4.

We were driving around town one day and I was strapped into the backseat (no car seats in those days) when we were rear-ended and pulled over. The windows were down (no A/C) and the adults were getting out the see the damage when I leaned out the window and shouted "Asshole!!" to the people behind us. Between laughter my father worried about getting the crap beat out of him by the big guy that had hit us...


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