Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hump Day

I am sitting here filling the Ipod with Soundtracks and such. X-Files, Simpsons, The 70's Show, Sopranos....

Nothing to write about today. I want to hit the bookstore to get a baseball book, so I will leave early this morning to get there before work.

The boy's grounding is going well. He is reading and 'playing by the rules'. We'll see how long this lasts. It is now 5 days until I am the father of a teenager...scary!!!

The Amazing Race was amazing last night. I was glad that they are tackling some people's fears this year (watching the Mom try to dive for what seemed like hours was great TV) but I was also happy that this was the meet Phil on the mat but only get a clue round that I love and the racers HATE, they looked so tired and pissed off when Phil handed them the clue...

So more TV Scheduled tonight:
  • Survivor
  • Black. White.

I have not watched the first episode of Black. White. yet but it caught my interest. Might save that one for summer on the old DVR. Survivor is on special tonight due to NCAA Basketball (which I do not follow but will allow me to catch up on other things since I will not be watching TV)...

Till Next Time


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