Friday, September 08, 2006


I was reviewed at one of those BloggerChick review sites. I put my name in the hat to see what others thought. I was not pretty. The big thing for me was the pop ups I have. I have no idea where they are coming from. If anyone could lend a hand I would appreciate it.

As the for the rest of the 'review', well I use a blogger template and do not use a lot of code to 'pretty up' the site. The words are my own rambling thoughts, opinions and takes on life. I guess it is not for everyone but then again I am on the way to 40 while they are college age.

In the end I am glad they torched me. I got 67 hits on the day they reviewed me and my daily traffic has increased. It made me aware that the pop ups continue (I thought I got them Brent).

One comment did get to me though...How many 9/11 posts does one need they said. My response would be there should be one EVERY DAY! We are at war people, it is easy not to forget September 11th. Nobody alive on that day will never "FORGET" September 11th. However there are not a lot of people who REMEMBER September 11th!
  • Remember the first shot in the war.
  • Remember the innocents who died in NYC, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.
  • Remember the regular men and women who helped one another get out of that hell.
  • Remember the Heroes that charged into it to save others.
  • Remember the Mayor for the strength he had to rally the city and the Nation.
  • Remember the President who took no shit.
  • Remember the men and women and animals who combed over that rubble in the hopes of finding someone alive.
  • Remember the people who lined up in the streets and waved, cheered and cried as the fire trucks rolled in.
  • Remember the churches, offices, abandoned buildings that served as refuge for those rescue workers.
  • Remember the nations that cried with us and offered aid.
  • Remember the animals that danced in the streets and celebrated the deaths of Americans.
  • Remember the men and women who lined up to serve our country.
  • Remember those who died protecting it.
  • Remember the way the cowards ran and hid in the mountains when the lion roared.
  • Remember always that we are at war and when the enemy is willing to kill themselves to kill you no amount of talking will ever change their minds.
There are people that whine about the POW's at Gitmo, they bitch about phone taps on POSSIBLE TERRORISTS. The cry about Iraq. They handle terrorists with kid gloves and those terrorists LAUGH at us and cannot wait to strap on a bomb and take as many of us with them as possible. These people are more concerned with Gay Marriage or No confidence Votes or listening to the Arab Street and finding ways to live together. These are the people who do not REMEMBER 9/11. These are the people that will kill us all. Get your head out of the sand, take off the blinders and open your eyes!!!

As I watched the Towers fall I saw them dancing and cheering and my heart was filled with hate! I am not proud of it but there it is. That burn is with me today and everyday. When I hear about another suicide bomber I cheer, one less animal for us to deal with. When I hear of secret CIA prisons I hope there are others we do not know about. When I hear of another US Service Man dying I cry and rage...why are we in a ground war, bomb them back into the stone age, it is not far for them. Knock them down and do not let them back up.

I read what I wrote and it is a little scary but when it comes to terrorist that is how I feel.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Belle-ah said...

You can NOT have too many 9-11 posts. Our culture has such a short memory...We can't forget. I want my children to know. Thanks for the posts.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

thanks for featuring a 2996 tribute.

My I remember is up.

At 2:16 AM, Anonymous shelby said...

i agree that this war has been going on TOO long. thanks for the thoughtful posts :)


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