Monday, September 04, 2006

Hello Karma??

So I threw on sandals, a t shirt and holey jean shorts to run errands, get a hair cut and help the boy with a school project.  Outside the hardware store my car dies.  After an hour we get it started from help from my Dad and a friend who was passing by.  My Dad takes the boy to his house for a BBQ and to work on his project.  I head to the Auto parts store to get a new battery.  It is 11am.
I find an auto parts store that is open and get a battery, but the car will not start so I ask to borrow some tools and put the battery in myself.  I get the battery out but the positive terminal takes part of the old battery out with it.  It is fused shut and I spend the better part of an hour trying to get it off.  One of the guys in the shop then comes out to give a hand.  After another hour we decide to snipe the wire and replace the terminal.  We cut the old one off but then find that the shop is out of the part we needed.  They go to another shop 30 minutes away to pick it up ($1.15 part/ they did not charge me).  By the time they get back and the battery is in the car I have to leave for work and actually show up a little late.
So here I am in grease covered clothes, without a shower (haircut was on the list of things not done, so why take a shower when my hair will be washed and I will need another one before work), hungry and pissed I have to work on Labor Day.  Didn't I do a good deed yesterday in helping that little boy?


At 9:19 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Some days you're the hero. Some days you are the one who has everything go wrong. Been there, done that. And I think it's great you helped the five year old! You earned some points into Heaven!!


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