Friday, September 01, 2006

Reaction News

Just my 2 cents on some news stories:

- JonBenet wanna be, way to go fuck got your 15 seconds of fame and now ruined any chance of the real killer ever being convicted with your stupid all stunt. They should send your ass back to Thailand were you still faced charges and let you hang

- Katrina One Year Later: while heart broken at the lives lost and ruined last year I still wonder WHY did the people just SIT AND WAIT?!?!?!?!??! Do something for yourself and stop blaming other people and waiting for someone else to help you. I truly believe that part of the problem was the fact that most of the poor are so dependent on Government assistance that they just assumed someone else would take care of everything. This is a perfect example of the Welfare State to the extreme. People so dependent on the Government they died instead of helping themselves.

- The Blame Game: Everyone likes to point fingers, Katrina, Iraq, Gas Prices....people Bush did not cause all this and Bush will not solve all this, he inherited plenty of Shit from Clinton and the next President will not wave a magic wand and make everything OK. See above, do something for yourself and stop waiting for the Government to take care of it.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger jali said...

Imagine having no car - no credit car to use to rent a car. No cash. How does one evacuate? Imagine walking to the next town with your children and being turned away by armed guards - you're threatened with deadly force after your effort to make it to safety/shelter.

If you haven't suffered any of this, how dare you judge others?

I've never been to Louisiana, but I can still empathize.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger April said...

You obviously have no idea what happened to them during that time. How dare you say they "sat and waited for the government to help". They had no other choice. They were turned away when they tried to leave by armed guards. Not to mention that most of the people who were left, had no way to evacuate. No car, no money, no family to help. They were told buses would come, but they never did. They were told over and over again that help was on the way, before and after the storm hit. I'm sorry, but if believing in your fellow Americans when catastrophe strikes is a bad thing (makes them welfare dependent), then this country is going to hell faster than I thought. Bush did let them down. After the tragedy happened, how dare he point blame at the people who didn't evacuate. Instead, he should have gotten off his butt and gotten them help. No matter who was to blame in his eyes, they were/are Americans. Americans who were subjected to live in filth, and death, and disease for over a week. How dare he sentence them to that? I'm sure (as I've done it myself) it's pretty easy as a middle class, suburban American to forget that there are people in the country less fortunate than you. Does that make them bad people? Does that make them any less American? Does that mean they are expendable? I think not. There is no excuse for not getting help to them sooner. NONE!


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