Monday, September 04, 2006

Do A Good Turn Daily

That is the Boy Scout slogan (Thanks Kav, I can't believe I missed that, an Eagle Scout). It can be as cliche' as walking an old lady across the street or carrying groceries in the house for your mom. Yesterday at the Bristol RenFaire it ment helping a little boy who was lost.

As we walked down a crowded path the boy noticed a young kid crying and pointed him out to me. I heard the kid say "Can somebody help me?" We turned around a stopped him and asked him if he was OK, he told us no he couldn't find his mommy. We got down on his level and told him we would help him find his mommy. While we got his name and age (5) we grabbed some wandering minstrels (it is a RenFaire) and told them we had a lost boy. One of the men ran to get security while myself and one other talked with him and tried to get him calmed down. He started to get teary eyed and I explained that a special person was on the way who could find his mommy and daddy and that everything would be fine. Right away the security person showed up and started taking information. I told her everything I knew (name, last name, age) and then told the boy that this nice lady was going to find his mommy very soon and that he should stay with her and her special flag (security people carry a yellow flag on a 10 ft pole so you could find them). He said OK, and we went on our way to enjoy the faire. Later we saw the Security woman again and she saw us and told us that they had found his mom moments after we left. The minstrel's gave us 2 coupons for free drinks with a thank you. I told them it was no problem and the coupon's were not needed.

Dumbest question I asked the 5 year old: "What is your mommy's name?"
Answer: "Mommy."

Of course the followup was Do you know your last name, which he did and we gave that to security.


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous kav said...

The Boy Scout's motto is: Be Prepared. ;-)

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Domestic Goddess said...

whatever the motto, you did a good turn.

If only all lost children could have the same experience!


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