Monday, July 23, 2007

Tired, again...

Worked this weekend. Nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning at 4am and heading to work. I have to do that as well next weekend. So tired.

I did get home and do tons of needed yard work Sunday. Built myself a compost box in the back for all my lawn clippings. Then proceeded to work out there for a few hours mowing the lawn, weed whacking and shaping some of the shrubbery we have.

When that was done we hit the parent's house and visited with my brother from Chicago. My sister-in-law and niece from LA are still here for several more weeks. They are having a grand time. The niece is TOO cute, and has latched onto me. Between her (2) and the nephew (3) I am busier there then at work. But it is fun. I went over there on Friday night when the wife, sister and SIL went to a concert. I helped my Dad watch them for the evening (my mother was in Chicago dropping off my Grandmother). The four of us ate a nice dinner (they were good), played a little (still good), watched a few shows to "calm them" (holding on) and then went to bed (child explosion). They did not want to go to bed even though it was almost 9pm...what a fight BOTH of them put up. We got through it and then I was so beat I just went home and collapsed on the couch until the wife got home. Then I went to bed...

So, how was your weekend?



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