Thursday, July 05, 2007


I have to work today. What the heck? I went to check on the DVR to see some of my shows that recorded and they were not there. WHY NOT??!?!?!?!?? Oh, it is Thursday, yesterday so felt like Saturday that I am totally off this week.

We had a great time yesterday at my sister's. The food was great and the company awesome. My grandmother made the trip from NY and will be here for a month. Which is wonderful. She comes out every summer for a few weeks as well as several times scattered around the year. She makes it a point of spending a month or so and we all enjoy it. Especially the great-grandchildren.

Today I start a new outlook on weight loss. I took a month or so off and I can feel it. My clothes still fit the same which is good but the way I feel is not, which is bad. So back to doing something about it. I will let you know how I progress.

Till next time America!


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