Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Movie Review - Transformers

After a weekend whirlwind of movies we went to a sneak peak last night of The Transformers....

FACT: The Transformers were an awesome toy back in the 80's and yes I had some

FACT: The Transformers were a cheesy animated show back in the 80's and yes I watched

FACT: The Transformers are a new movie based on the toy and cheese from the 80's

FACT: If you are looking for a GREAT popcorn movie with awesome action, animation and just enough story so it make sense, SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

It was fantastic! We had a great time in a packed theater with everyone from 2 babies to grandparents. All were yammering and talking on cell phones and crying all through the previews, but when the curtain rasied and the movie started ALL WERE SILENT. And we all stayed that way THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!! At one point when you see the icon Semi Truck you hear a 7 year old (ish) suck in his breath and go "Optimus Prime!" and that was it. Quick action, funny for all (there were several times I could not hear a line due to laughter, which is a good thing) and a nice story to boot. Transformers was indeed more than meets the eye. Check it out!



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