Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Open Letters of Frustration...

Dear Hollywood,
Come up with an original idea please. STOP REMAKING MOVIES. I can understand a new vision on a theme but for the love of God people some of these remakes were in the theater when I SAW THEM. For example, The Hitcher, was only 15 something years ago. IF you have nothing new to make, do not make anything...

Dear Network TV,
Leave the program on the air. Yes I am asking you to take a shot and leave a new show on the air for more than 2 episodes. The show was made so why not just air them. You will garner a lot of favor by doing this. You must realize that even a low, "terrible' rating is still MILLIONS of people. What are you going to put in there anyway, another stupid reality show or another rip off of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? While we are at it, NO MORE Law & Order or CSI shows OR rip offs, period. Enough is enough. A well written, well acted show like Scrubs cannot find a regular home but someone says CSI: Nebraska and you sign a 3 year contract, shame on you...

Dear Stereotype,
Yes I am talking to you Asian woman driver, black gansta rapper/athlete, lazy fat guy. Stop perpetrating the stereotype!!! Ms. Asian Woman Driver that I see everyday...learn the rules of the road!!!! There is a maximum AND a minimum speed limit. If you are more comfortable driving at or below the speed limit, fine BUT GET OUT OF THE LEFT HAND LANE, and the Center lane. Go to the right and stay there!!!! The reason you are white knuckled and wide eyed is because you are in the left hand lane of a 3 lane highway doing 45mph and everyone is passing you doing 65 (posted speed limit) and beyond. I would laugh if I saw you once but we take the same route EVERYDAY!!!! Mr. Black Gangsta Rapper/Athlete, you do realize you are in the spotlight. You do realize that right or wrong what you do reflects on the people around you and your color. It is sadly a fact of life. Mr. Akon, Mr. Vick, Mr. Stephen Jackson get a clue and step up. Nothing says I am a good person like tossing a fan off stage, running a dog fighting place on your property or getting into a guy fight outside a strip club at 3am. And do not get me started on Pac Man Jones. Man up one and all, do the right thing. You are obviously intelligent enough to be proficient in your job to make MILLIONS at it. Put some of those smarts into your daily life and stop acting like asses. Mr. Lazy Fat Guy, get up and get off your ass, period. DO NOT SEND A TAPE INTO JERRY SPRINGER, try not to wear a stained T-shirt to church and for the love of God stop ordering an 8pc Bucket for yourself and then order the "diet coke". MOVE!!! One and all stop perpetuating the myth, break the cycle, STOP THE INSANITY!!!



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