Friday, June 22, 2007


Welcome to a new section in this blog. I have, over the years, heard, used, made up many "quotables". That is to say life lessons, or words to live by. From time to time I will post some here, run them up the flag as they say, and see how they work...enjoy.

"Life is a shit sandwich and every day you take a bigger bite."

Heard that one yesterday from a co-worker who's late father used it all the time. Life is NOT easy, it is hard to get what you want and keep it. That is NOT a bad thing. That is a good thing. You must work hard and EARN your keep. Yes sometimes things are handed to people but most of the time it is a struggle and I think that makes one appreciate it even more. But once you get there to the place you want to be you have to hold on with both hands to keep it. Life is tough but worth living. The rewards of a good life are huge. I am not talking riches and material goods. I am talking love and family and friendship and respect. With those things comes the riches, comes the Ipods and cars. You can tell those who have never tasted the "shit sandwich", they are the ones with 15 cars, a mansion and still gets busted for a bag of weed; the ones who marry one but have children with 5 other women; the ones who think life is nothing but endless parties and binges and then end up in jail for violation of probation for 45 days and thinks it is cruel and unusual.

Pass the sandwich, I am hungry.



At 9:07 AM, Blogger Mindy said...

You are so right on this.


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