Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter and The Weekend...

A late Happy Easter to all fellow Catholics. We had a fantastic one, the whole family (those in town) came over for dinner. We had lamb, lamb chops, sweet potatoes, carrots, baby potatoes, string beans, the list goes on and on. My parents provided the meat and the wife filled out the rest of the table. As usual it was fantastic. My sister, her son, and my brother from Chicago and his wife came down as well.

Most surprising was the fact that my Mother-In-Law came to town this weekend to visit. We actually had a great time with them. They usually only visit once a year and for only a day or two. We went out to eat, took a tour of the town and just enjoyed each others' company sitting around on the couch.

In the end, the boy got to see his grandparents this weekend, we all had a great Easter and everyone left with a full belly and fond memories.

Hope yours was the same ;)


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