Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Speak English, Sorry

Weird days on the homestead. We have been battling long work days and long work weeks, the countdown to the end of school, finals and the money crunch. Last week the toilet broke and I did all I could to fix it, to no avail we need a new one. On top of that the leak in the toilet created mold and ruined the carpet. So that was all torn out. Fortunately we know someone who knows someone and we are getting the bathrooms tiled!!! Yes we have two that are actually back to back and when one leaked the carpet on the other side of the wall got wet too.

The catch is that the tile people are from China and only speak Mandarin. Out friend was here the other day to tell them what we needed and haggle a good price (which we got). But now they are here and I am slowly learning how to speak slow, loud and with wild gestures. It is actually working out and the main guy, after we figured out we needed one more bag or grout and 2 bags of thin set (took a while to get that one) he said, Sorry No Speak English. I told him (hopefully he understood) No Problem you OK, thank you! He smiled....


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Mindy said...

That's cool. I think there are always a way around a language barrier. It involves a lot of pointing, drawing and speaking slow and loud, but it can be done, and it looks like you did a good job and got a great deal in the meantime!


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