Monday, April 28, 2008

Where Has All The Time Gone...

So I have noticed a lack of posting on most of the blogs I read (myself at the top of that list) and I under if a) being spring that most of the people I relate to (families) just find themselves as busy as I or b) blogging is past it's prime and heading downhill.

I hope it is the first but I think it might be a combination of the two. I find that I have little time to sit and ponder on the PC but then when I do I have a hard time coming up with something worthwhile to type.

Some election stuff coming up and family updates:

- the boy has had a great turn-around. After a mid-term with 3 Ds (English, Math, Science) he was put on notice both by us and his baseball coach (you must carry a minimum C average) so all of his grades have popped up and he is doing great. We actually had a conversation about a book he is reading in English. A few more weeks and we'll know the true story....

- my birthday is near and we celebrated it yesterday. I got an RC car from my folks, 2 cds and a DVD and a Wii!!!!!! I guest I am at that age where everyone thinks I need toys! And that is alright by me. The boy and I will be racing the cars this week and we already went head to head in MLB 2K8 last night and I kicked a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Indiana is at the heart of the Democratic nomination and I am already tired of politics. I mean there have been more Obamas and Clintons roaming our street then you can shake a stick at. For the love of pete people, I hate election time!!!!!!


At 12:19 AM, Blogger Nell said...

I like reading about your family and your job. I know it feels boring to write but it's not boring to read.
But I know what you mean, I sit here too and think no one wants to hear what I got at the store today...


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